Frans going to Parkes Muster


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My plan was simple. Going north where it's warmer in winter and turn around to Parkes to do the 1,600km.

As some of you might know by now, I do not put much planning into a ride. I plot into Google maps till I have the minimum km's plus about 50 or so and that's it. I never really worry about a plan B or a "what if". I have long ago in my life decided not to worry about things that could happen. I have learned over the years to deal with situations when and if they arrive. It works for me and keep my head clean for the important stuff like singing with the songs over the GoldWing's speakers... :)

I sent off my ride plan in early February when the registrations opened. The last week or so I started to think about a time to leave. At first it was 3am (that was the time I left for the ride to Moree a couple of weeks ago). Then I decided to leave at 4am instead, no reason to change other than I don't want to get to Parkes too early. I was going to get the finish docket after midnight on Friday night.

So, I went to bed at 10pm and woke up at midnight on Thursday night. Walked around the house till 3:30 and left for the servo to get my start docket. I left Wollongong just before 4am and headed north.

First stop was Singleton for fuel

Next stop was Tamworth for breakfast. It was cool

Then I went to Uralla where I filled up again and continued on to Stanthorpe. It felt to me that I was leaving the country. It was cool.

I took a snap shot of my progress so far. It was cool.

The most important part of my planning was that I wanted to buy a bottle of liqueur at Castle Glen. It was cool

So I ended up with this

Then I went back to Stanthorpe, re-fuel and continue to Parkes. It was cool

I have a map in my office with the roads that I have travelled so far. The map is a bit out-of-date.

Since I have never been on the road between Stanthorpe & Texas I thought as part of my original planning to go on that road. I didn't thought of the time of day so when I left Stanthorpe, I rode into the sunset with the sun setting between the trees. It was kind of an interesting ride where I also experience about 10 or so RPH (Roos per hour, thanks fatman). That was just enough RPH to keep me on my toes.

Eventually I turned south to Warialda and the sun gone and I ended up in Moree for another fuel stop and a hot coffee. It was cool.

Next stop was Coonabarabran for fuel and then I rode into Parkes where I saw Gatey and TonyK. It was cool

SS1600 done and dusted

I arrived at 1am, went to my room and had a liqueur before I went to bed.
Next day was very nice. I met me mate

And was fortunate to have this shot.

Lots of pics like everyone else also showed so i won't bother you with those pics.

Sunday morning after the photo shoot at The Dish

I left and went to the mountain. I was lucky to get pole position for the day's race.

I don't know about the results yet - it was a photo finish so we'll have to wait a while ;);););)

This is a nice view from the top

I got home safely and thank everyone for a great weekend.

A couple of hours later I was back into my old habits again.

I hope I would be fortunate to attend the next Muster.

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Heh heh, Liz and I always cart a hip flash of fine whiskey with us. You know, in case we need to sterilise a wound or settle the nerves or toasting the end of a successful ride or just because...
Good way to plan too, get on the bike and just ride.
Thanks for the read Mr Van Der Merwe.