Game Of Thrones - Battle of the 7 Kingdoms Rally - Begins June 21st - Winter Is Coming..GOT General Chat Thread

Good on you Bart! I'm sure you'll do us proud. QUEENSLANDEEEER!!
I'm teetering on the brink of playing. I know zero about GOT and the 12 week commitment is a bit overwhelming with my other riding commitments, but I'm coming around.
You’ll be able to do it whilst doing your other riding commitments I’m sure. You don’t really need to know much about GOT, except that it’s full of bravery and treachery, backstabbing and suchlike....oh and there is lots of wine and dragons. It’s our favourite tv series, but I digress.... have a go Biggles. Any little bit you can do for your Kingdom will help.
The 7 Kingdoms
1. House Stark - QLD - The North
Leader - Eddard Stark - (Naughty Bart)

2. House Lannister - NSW - Casterley Rock
Leader - Tywin Lannister - .....................?

3. House Arryn - VIC - Of the Vale
Leader - Lyssa Tully - ..............,,,,,,,,,?

4. House Martell - NT/ACT - Of Dorne
Leader - Ellaria Sand - ..................... ?

5. House Tyrell - SA - Of the Reach
Leader - Mace Tyrell - (Jeffrey Gerbler)

6. House Tully - WA - Riverrun
Leader - Edmur Tully - ...............?

7. House Greyjoy - TAS - of the Iron Islands
Leader - Balou Greyjoy - ................?

We need 5 more leaders (one for each Kingdom) - step right up lads and lasses.
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Naughty Bart

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Good on you Bart! I'm sure you'll do us proud. QUEENSLANDEEEER!!
I'm teetering on the brink of playing. I know zero about GOT and the 12 week commitment is a bit overwhelming with my other riding commitments, but I'm coming around.
Sir biggles
Your State and kingdom definitely needed your skills
To reign supreme over these southern realms
Join the cause
So we can again create a legend that will last for ever
The standard for each Kingdom or house will be your Rally flag.

At each bonus location that you shall be requested to find whilst you are riding out and about, you will need to have your rally flag in the photo.

I would suggest that you make up a few of these rally flags, laminate them, and keep them with you at all times, just in case you see something on your travels that would qualify as a bonus location!

Remember, you will choose the standard that matches your Home state, for that is your Kingdom and House.
Don’t look at the 12 weeks as being a burden, but see it as an opportunity. You will have 12 weeks to gather points. If you can’t ride some weeks it doesn’t matter. Just ride whenever you can and gather the bonuses to add to your kingdom’s kitty.

Your Khaleesi is going to have so much fun. It will be very simple.

There will be this chat thread. From the date of the Winter Solstice, when the Battle shall begin, the bonuses you can go and find or tasks you may need to complete will be added on the GOT Bonus Thread - i may number each new Task or bonus for easier reference, so that someone new starting the game can refer back and pick up the tasks. After all - you’ve got 12 weeks to play. You can start gathering these things from the first day, and continue to do so until the 12th week. Tasks will be added constantly, so you’ll have lots of things to keep you entertained in the game. Your Khaleesi’s commands will be intermittent, like many a fine Queen’s.
There shall be a separate posting thread, the GOT Bonus Thread, where you shall post all your photos of your bonus gathering feats. This will make it easier for your Khaleesi to find them. Woe to you if you post your pics on the wrong thread......
This Game of Thrones thread and the pics thread shall be open for all IBA members to see. After all, it may indeed whet their appetites to join in the fray.

TJ - you may open the registration for the Game of Thrones on Ride Master.

Your Khaleesi will allow you to choose your own name in the Game of Thrones from a list that shall be posted. All except the Leaders - their names are already chosen for each kingdom.

If you are already a Game of Thrones Addict, don’t be concerned that the name you choose may not be affiliated with the correct Kingdom, for in the Game of Thrones, people inter marry or change their loyalties constantly, and you never know who’s loyalties you may sway to your side during the game............

Remember there is no fee to enter, just a will to defeat the other kingdoms.

I still need leaders from 5 states - step up and play the game.

Not long now before the Battle begins and we can’t have a true war with no leaders or warriors!
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I would like to thank and introduce to you, Hand to the Queen, Ser Jorah Mormont, aka Tiger Bill.
Forever loyal to his Khaleesi, he will help to collate the tally of the bonuses and tasks completed within each kingdom.
He is readying himself for this monumental task, while your Khaleesi tends to taming dragons.
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You will notice that my avatar has changed. I shall post our leaders photos here, as well as Ser Jorah Mormont. Your first task shall be to change your own Avatars for the duration of the Game.