Greetings from the Peoples Republic of South Yorkshire.

Hi all. Motorcyclist for 48 years, everything from ZZR 1100's to my mighty MZ's. Currently a Stromtrooper with a 2016 650. Love long days out on the bike all year round. it's not about the weather it's about the clothing. Any UK riders want to meet for rides please get in touch. I'm in Rotherham, the Peaks to the west and the Doncaster Plain and the coast to the east.
Regularly ride to Edinburgh, Bristol, Penzance, Newcastle and London on business, work pays fuel and hotels ...
Tha'il not be eur wednesdayi' then bein fra Toytown.

I’m from Belfast actually via 25 years in the military and marrying a pit village girl … we met and fell in love in Ipswich, loved in Falmouth, and we moved to Sunnyside in Rotherham to raise our family …
“ Jules I can hear the surf” … “ That’s the M18 love “ ….. “ Jules, the snow on the hills is beautiful “ …… “ Their slag heaps sweetheart “ …. …. You can take the boy out of Belfast, but you can’t take Belfast out of the boy …….