Hello Everyone

I have finally sussed how to get on the forum after more than 12 months of trying. I completed the RBLR 1000 last year but have unfortunately haven’t had the time or money to do another ride since. This is about to change however as I will be taking part in the Armistice 1000 in November. I am a big supporter of the British Legion and all they do for our ex service men and women. Hopefully I will see some of you out and about in the near future. Stay safe and ride far. Sean


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Welcome Sean, well done for the RBLR1000 and Graeme's right, there's just no excuse for you to not attend at least one of our RTEs, there's bound to be one near you sooner or later and, if not, why not call one yourself? Saturday lunchtime venue with bike parking and something to eat (not Claridge's) and a bunch of us will come, if only for the ride.