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Hi I’m Ian from Cheshire – it’s not like real housewives of……………

I took part in the BBL in 2017. Didn’t enjoy it as much as I thought probably because I thought it would be like NRR and spent too much time at Rivington eating bacon butties drinking tea and then relied on crap nav rather than local knowledge which meant I was chasing my tail and made a mistake with one of the images which meant I came just about last.

I have signed up for RBLR 1000 – I’m going clockwise north on roads I know really well except the A9 between Inverness and Perth since the introduction of SPECS, it wasn’t that bad by bike before SPECS – not sure what it is like now.

I use the bike for work (ave 22 000 miles pa) and regularly travel all over GB for work on a ZZR 14


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Welcome Ian. Now you've entered one of our rallies at least you'll enjoy future ones now you know what they're about.

For the RBLR1000, following a week's holiday in Aviemore last summer and using the A9 quite a bit I did some research. The A9 average speed cameras only cover the single carriageway sections and NOT the dualled sections (despite seeing a camera near the start and end of these stretches). This means you can not worry about getting past some traffic when you reach each dualled bit.

Like Gordon has said Loch Lomond can be a bit slow. During previous years when they used to have the contra-flow traffic lights along one of the initial bendy road sections I changed my route and went via the M80 towards Stirling then onto the A84 past Callender, then back west along the A85 to re-join the obvious route through Crianlarich. It was a few miles further but seemed quicker.

See you in June at Squires :)
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