Just introducing myself...Nearly 50 With a 4yr old daughter and another baby on the way (Aaaarrrggghhh) live in Sunderland but originally from Leeds in Yorkshire, Had a cb250n way back but blew it up and probably saved my neck in the process, interest in bikes never wained but the timing was never right, Traveling through the Tyne tunnel 10 times a week at £1.60 a pop made a yorkshiremans decision to get a bike much easier (free for bikes in the tunnel), that was in 2011 and in that time I have had a Burgman 400 (horrible) 650 Deauville (great as an intro to big bikes) and since May of 2013 a CBF1000...recently completed my first long distance run...LeJog via Wales ( over the severn bridge and back via same bridge) I have never done anymore than 360miles in a day previous to this run and I was quite apprehensive as to whether I would manage it. The run took place on the 24th June but we had to get to lands End first...Quick tip ..Dont put £7.00 of diesel in a Honda CBF1000 they tend to smoke a bit :( But apart from this disaster of my own making..I have found something that I appear to be quite good at.
Work permitting I am looking to do the NC500 in September with my tractor riding mate and looking to do a longer run next year. ( four corners of uk and possibly Ireland too depending on the time constraints)
The bike only has 1 mod for comfort and that was a repadded seat with some high density foam, previously i could only manage about 100 miles before numb bum but now its more like 200 miles and then only having to stop for fuel.
Your probably thinking shit this bloke goes on a bit so thats it for now. Thanks for the add and I look forward to reading about all your tales of derring do :)


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I'm going to ask the question that every true long-distance rider is thinking: do you get better mileage running on diesel? ;)

Welcome, John; E2E is a pretty good start!