I need some clarification - Can I nest these rides?

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I just finished a week-long charity fundraiser ride, and I have a question about what rides I accomplished and whether I can nest them (for whatever reason, I have difficulty getting the requirements through my head).

On Monday morning the 15th I left Jacksonville Beach at 3:14 am and rode 1192 miles (documented).

On Tuesday the 16th I rode 1267 miles and reached San Diego at 8:42 pm Pacific (11:42 Eastern). So there's a 50CC (44 hours and 28 minutes - documented).

On Wednesday the 17th I rode 1006 miles (documented).

By Thursday the 18th at 9:46 pm Eastern (3:13:32 after I left Jax), I had ridden 4413 miles (documented). My odometer showed 1013 miles by the end of the day Thursday, but my last fuel stop was 63 miles earlier (only 950 miles at that point). I did not get fuel at the end of the day.

Here are my questions:

1) Is this a Saddlesore 4K because I rode over 4000 miles in under 96 hours, or is that only if I document 4 consecutive, individual SS1000's?

2) I have documentation for a successful 50CC. Can I submit this cert along with the SS4K, or do I have to pick one or the other?
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Well, just the opinion of little ol' me, but:
The SS4k says 4,000 miles in 4 days. You did that. It should be good.
The 50CC should also be good. Because you can ride a SS4k w/o a 50CC in either distance/time or route.

Nice riding.