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Not taking away any of the achievements of our wonderful IBA riders but.......

Wartime dispatch riders.

Riding paramedics at the IOM or even the racers themselves

The little Asian guy with a quarter of a ton, wife and kids onboard.

All have a greater claim to the title "World's toughest Riders" than we do.

Not trying to start an argument here, just my opinion.

If the IBA ever decides to produce numberplate surrounds identifying the IBA and just a plain reference to the ride undertaken ( which they already do for the 50cc I think) I'll be the first in line.

Wouldn't mind if they produced a 'Dusty Butt' numberplate surround too (hint hint)

My Iron Butt number plate back has the Worlds Toughest Riders on it, however when it is mounted behind your number plate, the only thing visible is "Iron Butt Rally, 11 Days 11,000 miles". I am proud to have that mounted on my bike.




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Anyone else for an IBA Australia Rally Ride Flag?
Have despatched a fair few lately, but I'm sure there's some others who want one at the Bargain Price!

Can't get just one printed, and I daresay #58316 (she knows who she is...) doesn't want to wait!

Get onto the Webshop and Order Away.


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Hi Bill. Great job you do for all of us mate.

I'm pondering a new shirt because I've expanded a little... How does that happen?

Ill do some size checking and be in touch.

Thanks for your work.