IBA Mexico- Asphalt Rats Endurance Motorcycling Europe- Madness Portugal Rally


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Panhead Motorport, along with Iron Butt Association Mexico and Asphalt Rats Endurance Motorcycling Europe, presents this very special certified ride in Portugal, This is an special edition of Iron Butt Association. Its going to be fun and the roads, people and food are amazing, oh and the host place is an awesome motorcycle themed bar.
Challenges: Saddlesore 1000
Bun Burner 1500
And for those who like to train on one of this ride we have the Butt Builder (we calle it the hamster rally of 500 miles-12hrs- this is not a membership ride)
Be ready, Take the challenge...If you dare!
Signups at: https://www.panheadmotorsport.com/madness-portugal 72f37ba3-d8a9-4092-93f3-897b59f48e0e.jpg 72f37ba3-d8a9-4092-93f3-897b59f48e0e.jpg