IBA Scandinavian Rally 9 - 11 Juni 2017

IBA Sweden

IBA Sweden
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The Rally headquarter is located in Kuopio Finland.
The general concept:
● 24h rally forIBA members only.
● Bonus points all over Finland, very likely also in Sweden and Norway
● Possible to use paper maps, but all electronic navigation devices are allowed
● Minimum point limit for acceptance
● No fuel logs, 455 000 km’s of free public roads!
● Focus on road safety and good manners
● Kilometer limits(min-max)will be set according reasonable SS1000
● Please note, that your have an operational mobile phone with roaming capabilities.
This is mainly for your own safety, but also needed for additional that tasks may be given during your ride.
● You will be guided by the midnight sun, so don’t forget your Ray-Bans!

Registration / inqueries to:



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Well last time they were and some very unknown swedish gentleman came even second so might be possible that this time official language will be finnish Turku dialect. Some highest scoring bonuses most likely given in sami language.


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Done the Finnish Rally in 2015 and 2013.
Book has been in Finnish and English - John Young and at least 5 Swedes has done the Finnish rally so far, no problem with either the general instruction nor each bonus description.
...and no problem to ask if something needs clarification.

Don't miss out on Finland!
This country is made for riding, and stood host for my two best riding experiences in 2016:

SS 1000 Arctic Butt in January

Thank you IBA Finland!

...and 5 days of gravel adventure along the border to Russia in August.

Thank you Jonkko and BR Bikers! http://www.brbikers.com/700-2/tour-in-english/

Two of us actually rode around the Gulf of Bothnia on our way home, using what was left of our knobbies to complete a SS 1000....

Okay, this ranting is obviously not related to the IBA Scandinavian Rally, but the essence of it is that anything is possible in Finland, and the guys there will really step out of their way to make riders from abroad feel welcome.

Don't miss out on Finland!