Inaugural Muster - Parkes Accommodation


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Reprobates.... sociopaths..... it's of some concern...
I'm not not in that motel that you are in, but not just because you are not in the other one that they are not in.
Got that?!
For a moment I understood all of that then I couldnt find the "quote button "and that's sort of slew me a bit Nico.


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Another room has become available at Belinda's place.
Circumstances have conspired against me, so very sadly I'm with withdrawing from the ride :(

Have fun everyone......
I haven't booked yet, but that should not be taken as any indication of lack of commitment - simple my procrastination tendencies coming to the fore.

I guess I should pull my finger out before I find myself parking in an icy park in Parkes.
Sounds like a smart forward thinking attitude MT not procrastination at all mate. I've booked a room and yet to register my intentions at this time. we do all have until 18th or something to set our plans in cement. I intend on using as much time as my recon and good forward planning will allow. You and I both know ticking the ride plan boxes is only one part of successful outcomes. The rules give us a window to work within so why not use all the glass and just check your reflection out.

At this time my route is still inland come what may...and If "May wishes to come then I'll adapt in those closing hours before cut off time for registaration. Call me conservative or looking into the future and giving myself some wriggle room.

It'll be good to catch up MT for sure and certain. If you need a bed or some floor space then keep my booking up your sleeve in case you have no bed...or I pull out at the last moment.

I am chasing two bunks for two weary travellers for Sat night too pls - if anyone wants to share the cost of their room and has a bed or two spare?

Cheers, Diesel