Invictus Tour 2023-05-20


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I have a date pencilled in for the 2023 Invictus Tour (13th May) but can't find anywhere where that is posted. Did I dream it?


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Because <pick an excuse> the Invictus/SAS tour 8 hour rally has been moved to Saturday 20th May 2023.

Please update your diaries accordingly.


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The Name has also changed to the SAS Tour and it will have a military theme to it just to keep it interesting.
The details for the tour are almost completed and the entry will open soon.
Keep an eye open here and on facebook :)
The date was changed to the 20th May 2023 as they have just announced that the MCN Peterborough show will be on the 13th of May the same weekend as the original SAS date.
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Interesting. I previously had a clash with the Army & Navy rugby weekend but now no longer have a conflict of time......