It's a dubious honor to be first out of the IBR

Thank you for the ride report.

I don't know if I want to ride an IBR - at least not yet. I don't know if multi-day IBA Rides are in my system or not. I am intrigued, however.

You came, you saw, you applied yourself. Thanks for your experience. I've had great luck with HD. I've had shit luck with Harley-Davidson.
2017 & 2018 had a few issues with the M8. So far my latest has been good. Just a little taller for my shorter legs. :/

Did you repair the ol girl..?


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When I got back from the Finish Banquet I acquired a set of take-off 107 cylinders and pistons and installed them before de-farkling and trading the bike in.


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Thanks for the write up. I watched the IBR intently, and being a Road King rider/owner I was disheartened to see you taken out with a mechanical issue. This is my 3rd Harley (2nd Road King), never had a problem with them and finished a 6700 mile 11 day ride on my '20 Road King right before the IBR. Just dipping my toe into rallies this Fall and next year, I decided to get a shaft driven, liquid cooled non-Harley (kept the Road King though). I'm just concerned that a typical HD won't stand up to the punishment of multi day beatings in all types of weather, and sadly your issues influenced me greatly. I hope IBR #3 is a charm for you.
Thanks, Rob.

Two and a half months have gone by since June and I've had plenty of time to reflect on my ride, my bike choices, my future. I do want to apply for a third attempt, and most likely will next year.

However, in the last couple months I've ridden a total of only 1000 miles or so. I haven't stopped riding, I just decided that after four years of being focused on nothing but the IBR, I wasn't going to spend entire days (or multiple days) away from my family for a little while. My wife and daughter got short changed of time with me, so I've been dedicating more time to them. I've got a grandson who is growing like a weed and he actually likes hanging out with me. My son continues to race amateur motocross and desert events and I really like being his pit crew and head doctor between motos.

A little over two weeks ago I got a new right knee and will get a new left one in November. Recovery on the right knee is going well and if the left one works out like the right, I shouldn't have a problem riding again. Big, heavy bikes may be out of the question, but middleweights actually make really good rally bikes.

I liked my Road King. It fit me well. It was comfortable. I could ride hands off for miles and miles. It held everything I needed for the rally and then some. It had decent fuel range with my aux setup (which will be going up for sale soon). The electrical system was well sorted. The M8 engine, though, is a different story.

As disappointing as the result was, I wouldn't give back the three days I got in the IBR.


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Sounds like you are making wise decisions. Family time is something that can’t be gotten back, especially as the little ones get older. Good for you on taking a rest and making the decision to refresh the relationship buckets of those around you. Good luck n knee number 2. Glad the first one is working out well for you.