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12 Days? 12Days!
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Hello together

In this post we will continuously post the latest news, information or even hints. It is always worthwhile to take a look.
Please post in English as we have a very international rally and staff team. For translations we recommend deepl.

  • 42 registrations - and the first female participant. We hope there will be some more.
  • Last month the first information was distributed by email. You can also find them here.
  • The bonus book is in the final phase and contains many points and combos.
  • We now have our own section in the forum. We hope, it will be used for questions and helpful answers.
  • Each post contains photos of the scouting
  • IMG_20211014_105907.jpg IMG_20210921_201712.jpg 11.jpg


12 Days? 12Days!
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Hello together

  • 43 registrations - and a full family. So there are only 7 places left - and we want close the registrationlatest on 31.01.2023.
  • We have send out the second information by email. You can also find them here.
    • Contain a new (demo) bonubook, new gpx files , information about EBC, tire changes , ...
  • The bonus book is in finished, preprinting is ongoing.
  • And as always - some pics from scouting - or are this real bonus points? ;)
  • 2608-IT-P-Biella - Galleria di Rosazza.jpg 3204-MD-N-Birnova - Birnova.jpg 3302-MC-S-Monaco - Statue Grace Kelly.jpg 20200614_162857___47.174906_20.19712___[org].jpg 20200626_135838___45.306723_14.205079___[org].jpg 20200709_080553___47.893492_6.743244___[org].jpg 20200716_123425___53.395698_20.945643___[org].jpg P9210025.jpg
Have a great time , enjoy the end of year season and dont miss this event.


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Hi there,
So we send all bonus points by email and still have to fill in the logbook? Is that correct? And in the logbook it is only required to write the date (and not the time) plus bonus number and odo value.
Thank you
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12 Days? 12Days!
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So we send all bonus points by email and still have to fill in the logbook?
And in the logbook it is only required to write the date (and not the time) plus bonus number and odo value.
No, as usualy, write date and time. A complete logbook is helpful in scoring when it comes to resolving discrepancies. Date/Time is a much quicker way of identifying where there may be a discrepancy between what you have written and what the system has recorded.

Michiel Buitenwerf

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Hello everyone

Preparations of the 12Days are in full swing. All good and 189 days to go and counting ....

But we also facing a setback. Peter has been admitted to the hospital and cannot answer emails for that reason. My question is therefore to forward questions about the rally to [email protected].

Furthermore, a question to everyone who has not yet made the payment to be able to do so before the end of the month.

And ... we still have room for new participants, so if you know someone who wants to ride one of the toughest but most fun rallies in Europe, I'd love to hear about it.

For now I only can say, enjoy the winter season and and plan your early spring ride(s).
Been reading the stuff you sent out at the end of the year as starting to book ferries etc. Just read the little note on break receipts and they must have date time place ok with that. zip code err no idea on what a European zip code looks like can i assume all type written receipts will have this as i dont know the format or how many digits etc so would not recognize one if i saw it.
never had to worry about this before date time and place as always done it in the past.
spent a little time researching postcodes for continental europe today the good news most countries seem to have them . the bad news no common format. lets hope receipts have them as standard.

Michiel Buitenwerf

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May 1 2023

Dear participants
Dear 12Days Rally riders

Another 90 days (!) and then we're on the road for this beautiful European Rally.

The preparations by us are now in full swing.
The question to you to prepare yourself and your bike for this horribly beautiful rally.
Think also about the paperwork of your bike, like insurance in countries like Albania, the environment stickers in France, the highway toll stickers for other countries.

Read the last 2 mailings again. And check out all the details again at

Check your bike. Is it ready for the 12 day ride? Plan your maintenance in advance. If you want new tires before you start, you can order them from Huybers Motoren. They then take the tires with them and fit them on your bike at the hotel in Eindhoven. Send an email directly to [email protected].
The Huybers men are also present on Sunday afternoon to help you check your bike and solve little issues before you start the next day.

Have you booked the rooms in Eindhoven for at least July 30 and August 12?
And don't forget to book the Passo del Tonale hotel in Italy for August 4th. I understood from the hotel that not everyone has booked a room (yet). You may choose to set up your tent, which is of course also possible. Otherwise, book the room.

In preparation for the rally I created a web space at Google. We will soon fill this with the documents. You can already reach it via the link below:

The Rally Team
Hi .. looking forward to this journey, hotels at the start, middle and stop are booked.
Departure from Norway is planned by ferry and one stop in Germany before NL.. service and tire change will be done before departure .. and possibly a tire change along the way for my wife .. her tires normally last a maximum of 7000 km :rolleyes::rolleyes: and mine 10/12xxx ;)
But believe in many nice trips before this too .. first MV12 on saturday .. we will be at least 3 Norwegian motorbikes which I know about .:):)
Gibt es irgendwo einen kurzen Bericht, Bilder oder eine Ergebnissliste von der Veranstaltung ??
Ich habe nichts gefunden.
Gruß Frank

Michiel Buitenwerf

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Es wird eine Google Drive- und Google Photo-Übersicht mit allen Fotos geben

There will be a Google Drive and Google Photo overview with all photos

Det vil være en Google Disk og Google Photo-oversikt med alle bildene

Er komt een Google Drive en Google Foto overzicht met alle foto's