Live bonus claiming using email


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Time is our biggest enemy when competing and administering a rally. Any thing that gives us more time must surely be better.
I didn't like the change to emailing our bonus claims, in fact I hated it and didn't want to accept it. Why because a decision was made to accept or reject and i wasn't aware of it, I also felt the rally was becoming more a photo competion. Having witnessed the time it takes to get the marking and final standings together, remember in the early days we had over 60 competitors, valuable beer drinking time was lost.

I fully understand the need to quicken up scoring and get those results out so I don't have to wait long for disappointment.

If you compete in the BBT, you know I have pushed using same method for claiming checkpoints, some are doing it and it dose make marking much easier for me, then looking a single email with 20 photo's.

The recent BBL I used the draft system and it did work, my only error and it cost me dear was my fault and and not the claiming process.


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Finally we managed to get the majority of the emails claims loading directly into the scoring software.
By the time the rally finished at 6pm scoring was complete. The rally team and competitors ate together for the first time and after presentations we were in the bar for 8pm.:):):)

If you want to know how it all works talk to somebody who has used it and come to a Ride to eat we are planning where we will demonstrate how it works and provide a subsidised lunch.