Mac v PC?


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I’m currently considering changing my 12yo PC and wonder if an iMac is the best way to go.
One consideration will be does Garmin Base Camp work on the Mac?
I also want to edit my INNOV K2 V
Any input?


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Cost wise a new PC, even a reasonably high spec one, will cost a deal less, usually, than an iMac....

I have an iPad for general use, email, web browsing, Kindle reader software, drone first person view control, and other stuff that it does very well....

For a PC I have a high spec Microsoft surface laptop which can double as a tablet if required......

I use this for everything else including MS office, photo management, web browsing and much more..... I have a dual monitor desk setup with wireless keyboard and mouse for when I used to work form home....

If you are familiar with the iMac and don't mind the premium price it can be a better tool if you do desktop publishing etc, but generally I would stick with desktop/laptop solution unless you have very specific requirement and can afford the more flashy iMac solution.

As to Basecamp, I have no idea if it runs on iOS (Apple) based devices.....

Certainly there may well be some good editing software for video but again, the Apple solution may be expensive if that is the main thing you want to use it for.

Not sure if this is helpful.....
This of course is my opinion and there will certainly be many more that may sing the praises of the Apple solution.... you pays your money etc.


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Takes a while to get used to how the Mac works - everything is slightly different to Microsoft. I got there in the end, so if I can, I'm sure you could.
Basecamp works perfectly well on mine. No idea what Innov K2 v is.
Basecamp works fine on the Mac, but there are quite a few differences to the PC which can initially be a bit frustrating. Plenty of video editing software available for Mac, some bundled with the machine so I would be surprised if you couldn't edit from the Innov.

I'm a Mac man and think in general they are well built machines, whether that justifies the higher price is quite an individual choice. The Mac OS is similar but different to Windows, whether that will drive you barmy or open your horizons is a matter for you ;)


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I just like being free of the tyranny of the Microsoft philosophy of charging for an operating system that needs constant updates and then they drop support for it after a few years.
The oddities of Apple are worth it for that alone.
HI Dave
I use a MacBook Pro and have Base Camp on it.
If I can make it work then you should have no problems.
Mind you I can take pictures with a phone now as well so consider myself a technical genius!!
Steve K


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I have been running a MS Surface for years. I have an old Pro3. It has been rock solid for 5 years now. I did see that it won't support the WIN 11 because it has a Intel i5 chipset in it (Needs i7 or higher). I plug the USB into a Dell D3100 dock which has 3 monitors attached and all the peripherals. I just unplug the USB and go.

I do have an ipad (7th Gen) which I use to run google maps and other things. Can't weigh in on the macbook, never used one.


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I would just like to say I have no idea what the last post is about.
Someone mentioned a MS Surface above. It has full computing capabilities and can be docked or used as a tablet.

My response is nothing more than to let you know my experience with a Microsoft Surface, it's durability and how I use it. It has been on my motorcycle every time I do multiday trips including the Artic Circle and all over the US and Canada. Been very reliable computer. It is my rally computer and runs basecamp very well. I was just letting you know other ways to use it (which a Mac may be able to be used that way too).

Computers are like oil and tires...