Melbourne to Coober Pedy 2023


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If you went via the Calder hwy it may scrape in, however as roads are upgraded this distance may grow or shrink. Yor distance required is actually 1610Km. The Calder hwy on google comes in at 1614Km, depending on where you actually start could mean that you couldloose or gain some Km?

It would be safer to give yourself another 30-40 Km to be on the safe side.
If you have not already may we suggest that you read the requirements for the SS1600K


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It’s a trip for sure, actually it’s a good one , wether or not it’s an Ironbutt ride, well that’s up to you. I’d make it 1650km to be certain. I would read the rules as well, after that ride the wheels off it. Plug it into google maps and go via Adelaide. Have fun.
So I need to extend my start to give myself an extra 50-100 kms to ensure I have space.
Quick questions. Anyone have a view on Roos on the road at night from port Augusta ? Are they an issue or is there a strategy so they are not a big factor ?


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I've twice had 200 roos on the road or shoulder to deal with between PA and CP. That was heading north at 2300hrs and 0130hr.

I have not hit any roos on that road.

Good lights help. My tip is to use the oncoming roadtrain lights to detect early abnormalities on the road like shadows, 'missing' cats eye markers etc, then switch vision to the left fog line as the trucks near so you aren't temporarily night blind after they pass.


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Is this part of a bigger trip, or are you just lining it up as a first 1600? If it was my first 1600, I'm not sure I'd go for this route. The only time I've ridden Melb-Adl-'Gutter on the clock I found it frustratingly difficult to hold a good moving average and, depending on your choice of route through SA, you really need to be in the ball with directions and turns... which of course leads to documentation challenges.
This is before you get to other things like wildlife and remote areas. All things are solvable, but if it is your first attempt at an iba length run, you may not want to fork out several hundred dollars to get lights that will make this route easier and safer.
Perhaps look at an out and back run or design a simple loop which puts you on the Hume during the worst hours (dawn/dusk)
Just my 2 bobs worth and, of course if you were already heading towards the NT anyway, feel free to ignore all of the above and enjoy the ride!