Mixed mode Mile Eater

Chris Wiltshire

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Hi, question - most probably for @Ira ,

  1. https://forum.ironbutt.org/index.php?threads/mile-eater-for-pillion.1437/
  2. https://www.facebook.com/groups/IBARiders/posts/2501469459906677 - where Jim posed the question about continuing with his Mile Eater as a pillion while he couldn't ride himself. - He posted in the comments of that post: "I just got confirmation from Michael Kneebone that riding as a Passenger would be accepted for my goal! Now, to start working on the logistics. Several of you will be hearing from me soon. Thank You ALL!!!"
1, above showed that a Mile Eater could be awarded to a pure-pillion.
2, above showed that a rider, could use a pillion-ride, within their run of rides, for Mile Eater certification.

My wife Stella, #74051 has completed a good number of rides on the back of my bike, including all Four Seasons rides, and a Gold level, 48 hour ride. She's also ridden three certified rides herself.

She's one Gold / Insanity ride away from being able to apply for her Mile Eater Silver award; as long as it's OK to pick and mix - including rides which she's ridden and some which she's been a pillion on.

Is this consistent with the rules, and the intent of the Mile Eater programme and award?
Will she be OK to aim for this, and put plans in place? She's looking at riding an Ice Cream Insanity 1000 ride for her final ride towards her Mile Eater Silver within the next month or so.

Thanks in advance.