Mobile Phone Apps for Fuel


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Does anyone have any feedback on the mobile phone apps for paying for fuel ?? I know the there is BP Me and an Ampol / Caltex app but the reviews on Google Playstore are very mixed.

My main interest is if the apps actually work and save time at the pump, or if they are not worth the effort.

I know that most small town gas stations won't have the facility, but larger servos on the main highways seem to have better coverage.


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I use the bp app regularly; find it very good. Ampol/Caltex less regularly, but they both mean you can fill up without removing your helmet (even leave gloves on if you have smartphone-friendly ones). Plus it’s a bonus not having to go indoors these days too.
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Whenever I use my Samsung Pay app on my phone to pay for fuel, food, coffee etc, it automatically logs the expenditure with a time and business registration stamp. I have wondered whether a print out or screen shot of my credit card log would suffice for a registered IBA ride. With most expenditure now I never request a paper receipt as I have the electronic record to verify what/where I spent. Sign of the times I reckon.


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For what is worth, about 3 weeks ago, I installed the Caltex/Ampol app and the BPme app on my phone.

I then tried to use the Caltex/Ampol app at my local servo only once but as they did not accept that method of payment, I paid at the store counter.

I have now been notified by my Bank that the credit card I registered against the Caltex/Ampol app was used to try and make a fraudulent payment at a Caltex servo 500 kms from my home, but the transaction was rejected.

I don't know how the thief got my card details, but I have now deleted both apps from my phone.

If you use these apps, I would watch your credit card statements, like a hawk.


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The convenience of cards is diminishing. An attempt to use mine was made in a taxi in Melbourne (I'm in Brisbane) and my card was blocked by Visa. I then had to wait 10 days for a replacement and have spent hours on the phone and internet re-establishing my direct debits to the many who draw upon it regularly. The alternatives of cash or direct access to a bank account aren't all that great. So I'm with Murphy regarding spreading your 16 digit CC number too widely.