MS 1000


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So this is a thing this year.

I am going to try and ride it on National MS day May 30th.

Would a route that traces out MS on the map be too difficult to certify? I think I could ride a loop that looks like an underlined MS.
Get a DBR at each tip of the M and along enough of the S to prove you didn't take any short cuts and you should be fine. Make the S squared off and it alone would need at least five reciepts, depending on the transition between the M & S. Care to share your proposed route?


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This is really fun! Here’s my plan: the MS route is 754 miles and to fro from home is 300 miles for me. Start Delano, California to Fresno to Avenal to San Lucas to San Luis Obispo. M’ s done. To Ventura to Castaic to Buttonwillow to Inyokern to Victorville. V is done 756 miles. Then I drone home 1069 miles from total. 11 or so stops for documentation. Spotwalla will spell it. Any thoughts? Thanks for the inspiration.
You can get it certified. Just make sure you have the documentation and tracker. Spotwalla won't track it exactly as pins are only dropped every 5 mins or something. I've been working on spelling out my name in every state.



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Traxx, glad you mentioned the MS5000. I did the MS1000 March 31st, remembered it at the last minute as I was preparing to ride from Dallas to Waterloo, IA to look at safes, My daughter has MS as does other relatives in our large family. I will be planning to do the MS5000 also. It is a cause close to home.
I have an Aunt with MS and like you it is pretty close to home.