Multiple Mile Eater Silver certificates?


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I just got my certificate for the Mile Eater Silver. Since all the others Mile Eater levels are multi-year, I can understand not earning multiples for them since there are levels that build on each other. But, Mile Eater Silver is different in that it has a time frame to complete the requirements. As such, if I were to complete the requirements for an additional Mile Eater Silver, could I earn another one? AND.... If I were to do the option of 5 rides, 2 of which are Gold, Insanity, or Extreme, could I do another one within the same year?

I just competed mine. Saddle Sore 1000 rides in February, March, and May, plus two Tour of Honor Extreme Rides (one in April and one in May). Could I start another Silver time frame in June (it says 12 CONSECUTIVE months, not calendar year)?

Of course, maybe I will just try to focus on the Gold...