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Hi just joined as a novice rider I am here to find out more about the long distance riding,only been on a bike for just over two years and I am hooked I am interested in the 1000 miles ride in November for the Poppy appeal , I live in Cornwall and have set a route of over the 1000 miles ,but I would appreciate some help with what I have to do ie forms to fill in and where to send money by PayPal any help would be appreciated . Many thanks Phil Barber


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Hi Phil and welcome aboard, for the Armistice ride, the first thing you need to do is register your intent to ride, have a look at the link Graemeandsally posted for info on that, for the ride itself, make sure the route you have planned is in excess of 1000 miles and can't be completed by taking a shorter route, for verification the shortest possible route is used, you have to prove you have taken the route you say you have, i am no expert but if you want to share your route and intended stops i (or others on here) might be able to give you an idea if it will be long enough. At your ride start point, obtain a printed receipt ( cash point or sales receipt) that shows date, time and location, take a picture of it next to your odometer, do this for every stop (it helps if you number the receipts so you know what order they should be in) keep your receipts safe. If you get tired, don't use energy drinks, get off the bike, have a walk around or even shut your eyes for 15 mins, keep hydrated, don't ride beyond your limits and if you feel you can't make it, don't worry about it, better to retire and live to ride another day than to push to hard and risk an accident, your safety is paramount. if i can help any more don't hesitate to pm me, good luck and enjoy the ride.


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Hi Phil.

Good luck with your ride.

I agree with all Viper says, enjoy the ride but stay safe.

If you have any doubt, send your route to Martin Buck ([email protected]) I’m sure he’ll confirm your route makes the mileage.