North 50 CC late report

Better 5 years late then never,
have attached as a file hope it works.

50 CC B2B report.pdf

The certificate for the ride sorry its late but work got in the way again.

As you are aware the ride was a while ago but I did post a report afterwards will go back over the notes and see if I can put together a short ride report.


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Great write up Roland and an exciting way to use up the time of <50 Hours. Good advice on being flexible with your plan should things go wrong.


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I remember when CC and yourself rode this one, and the peaking of the RPM (Roos Per Minute) needle. Smart as you said to alter your ride plan when it was needed.

This is a 50CC LTP and I wouldn't mind to attempt one day, not sure I would want to sit on 130kmh at night though.

Thanks for the report Roland, well done to both of you.


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Thanks Roland. It's never too late to share those big stories from the road.
Congrats again to you and Brian.


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It would not be rite not to mention that when we were at 3 ways I was ready to call it quits and make the short ride home. It was Roland that managed to talk me around and keep heading East. The thought of six hours sleep at Mt Isa being a huge carrot. If it wasn't for his insistence I probably would not have finished this little jaunt.


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Just saw this one because Hackle dug it out and then Ron and Ian jumped in- so I don't feel so silly now!
Well done riding this one through so many challenges- obviously it's potentially harder to achieve than the southern CC.