PayPal Changes.


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PayPal Has new changes coming by late March. 28th to be less obscure.
Smart heads will read their changes and understand the bloody suspect thing.
So if you have a paypal and your smart enough to understand the thing. Take a read on behalf of the drones within our group and then in a few days be so kind as to post up your observations, thoughts or preferred actions so the rest of us have a heads up from a normal person who occasionally uses this thing.
No post between now and Friday. That way the reactivates will loose interest and the intelligent can then reply.

Seems a bit important to me to treat as a Click Yes.
Thank you in advance from the drones.


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GDay Graham.
Nice to hear from you and nice to read your post.
I use PayPal maybe 4 or 5 times a year and really only signed up to it in the first place so I could be active within IBA for things like paying for certs and most especially the Muster requirements. That sort of makes Knowledge of the changes important to me as I'm sure it does to you too.
Hows the riding been of late mate?


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Being a financial services provider, PayPal would just be doing the normal keeping pace with legislation both here and aboard. Any company dealing with Europe would've needed to implement GDPR, that would include virtually any online business. Even little old us here in the Hill have sold, via our online store, to Scotland, Netherlands, Canada and Germany to name a few.

Guess who had to revise our systems and update our T&C and Privacy doco's?

Data protection and other financial requirements have been passed here also so updating T&C etc are par of the course. Plus there's always fine tuning as new developments arise like the Argentine Peso that's mentioned.

You can read through the guff here