Planning a CC50, is NY to SF doable?

Discussion in 'General Discussion area' started by jsoque, Jan 11, 2017.

  1. jsoque

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    Hello Riders,

    Many of you have posted reports of riding a CC50 from Jacksonville to San Diego using a 33 hour map route and completing it in under 45 hours.
    I'm in the northeast, and minutes from the Atlantic Ocean.
    Has anyone successfully completed this 43 hour CC50 in under 50 hours, from NY to SF using this route across the middle of the U.S. ?
    My R1200RT has a range of 320-340 miles per tank.
    Did you use a fuel cell?
    Did you sleep mid way?
    What time of the year did you make the journey?
    I welcome your inputs!


  2. Tep_52

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    Wow that sounds like a 50cc gold.
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  4. Kendoo

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    Its very doable. A bunch of us completed this ride back in September, some with fuel cells, some without. Most slept for a few hours in Nebraska.
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  6. John Strasser

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    Exactly. I believe that 20 of us completed it. Having done a BBG earlier in the year, it was just a matter of putting in the miles. Sleeping in Nebraska for a couple hours was crucial to me.

    Knowing that I was more than halfway by then and that the speed limits are higher in the west also helped.

    I enjoyed the ride more than I had expected.

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  7. Ira

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    FYI, the NY-SF 50cc (or any 50cc >2,900 miles) is known as the 50cc The Hard Way.

    Ira Agins
    Iron Butt Association

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