R1200 GSA Fuel Cell

I am looking for recommendations on a auxiliary fuel cell that can be mounted in the pillion position of a 2016 GSA.

I prefer that it be reversible, quick release, gravity fed and balanced.

Is there any one manufacturer that stands apart?

If you have a similar set-up, what is your experience?
Since it is a custom configuration, could you fill me in on how it feeds?

Would you be able to send me pics of how it mounts?
This is the original post I made about how I did the install and you can see the silver mounting bracket (4th image down) that was used to attach the tank. The bracket is separate from the tank so could easily be modified for another bike even if a new one was required. The tank is just wide enough that I can still open my saddlebags and has a Pelican case that snaps on top if desired too. In this case I did a bulkhead mount at the bottom of my tank (has held up for ~64K miles) but if I was to do it again I think I may try to do a gravity feed via the breather hose like I had done my my f800gs. https://forum.ironbutt.org/index.php?threads/r1200gsw-fuel-cell-installation.431/