Raise a glass today in Davo's memory

Grey Gentry

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Far Rider One

In the silence of a summer's night,

You may see a distant light,

On the horizon it will first appear,

You know soon, it will be here.

Our first FarRider's on another run,

Our truly inspirational Southern Son

He encouraged us to join him on rides of endless miles,

And he was always there to greet you with one of his friendly smiles.

His positive spirit now lights the night skies,

Like a comet passing in front of our eyes,

He may not ride amongst us anymore,

But he looks over our shoulders, this you can be sure.

A man that loved his life and shared it easily,

We are all very lucky you and me,

for we knew a bloke that changed our fate,

A fellow FarRider, and bloody good mate.

His spirit lifted all that he knew,

He was only known truly by a just few,

Thanks to Willow and his kids,

To share him with us, like you did.

May all your corners be wide sweeping bends,

With stunning views that never end,

You'll always be a mate we loved and followed,

Ride in peace Davo..... “It's just a road”.

- Tackleberry


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The date of Davo's passing is in my calendar, so I never miss honouring his name and his legacy.
Earlier that year, Davo signed off on my first FarRide, which was also my first IBA ride, unfortunately
followed by my major accident the very next day.
He was very supportive of me in the follow-up, rehab and recovery.
So it was hugely devastating to hear of his end later that year.

Davo - always remembered - always honoured. His legacy lives on.