RBLR 1000 2022


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My previous post has to be rated "understatment of the year"...... the rain got worse the nearer to Fort William I got.... Glencoe was typically horizontal rain and fierce side wind.... Fort William became rain of Biblical proportions..... and it wasn't warm rain either.....
It was windy up at Wick, but then it has been that way on my last several visits there.....

There was a bit of a headwind on the M62 as well, I did put a gallon in at Rivington to ensure I got to Glasgow before needing more, that gallon cost £9.10.... ouch.

All that said, I enjoyed the ride, finishing just before midnight, which was ahead of my plan, despite the last minute frustration of a diversion through a bit of Newcastle due to an A1 closure!

One shock was that between filling up at Morrisons in Knottingley on Friday night and again on Sunday morning, the price pre litre went up 5 pence.

£40 to fill the bike......eek!

A very big thank you to all those involved in organising and managing this event, it was my first RBLR1000 but hopefully not my last!

BZ to all who took part, especially the North route, that was...... challenging.......
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I've got to agree about that 'weather' over Rannoch Moor, Glen Coe and from the point of view for us anti-clockwisers it wasn't any better either. I rode into the proper rain just somewhere south of Inverness having previously been feeling quite smug about having missed most of the showers. Just after Fort William the rain petered out and I thought, was that it, that weather forecast wasn't very good was it. Oh how wrong was I! Some people might use the phrase, Character Building, I'd just call it bloody wet.
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A big thanks to all the organisers for the RBLR1000, completed my 4th 1000 this weekend amid high winds and heavy dew. Hope the lady's taking photos can post them up here, there should be some nice ones.


Wet windy and bloody hard work especially across Rannoch moor/ Glen Coe at one point i was blown across the road :eek:
By the time we got to Ft William it was of biblical portions there was about twenty of us waiting at the fuel stop for it to pass
from there to Wick and back to the finish it was dry but windy.
21 1/2 hours and £200.00 in fuel FFS.
A big pat on the back for the organizers and all participants


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There was less rain than forecast but as you say that 50 miles of wind and rain into Fort William was the bitter that made the rest of the ride more sweet. We left Fort William at 12:45 and the 4 hour ride to Wick was the best riding of the day.
Hi all, just dropping in to say hello and thank you to all the organisers and volunteers.

I had a great time and enjoyed the ride. I did the NC route and it was definitely a bit damp. I’m already looking forward to next years . I might even do an end to end or something before then as well.