Renmark SA Muster 2017 - 8th April


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I'm still heading home via the scenic route :rolleyes:

Thank you to all that assisted especially; LTP, Fatman, Jeff the chef, Kwaka, TJ and guest presenters:
Derrick Sutton spoke briefly about his 18 years with IBA, his IBA Rally and how both he and Margaret inspired others to become involved with IBA.
Frog's session on; 'small' bore bikes may have a re-energised enthusiasm in pushing the limits - FLIR opens a completely new perspective to 'unseen' wildlife on the open roads.
Phil's session on; 'biker specific' first aid reiterated the importance of gaining skills to assist other riders in case of a mishap.

Thank you to everyone who attended especially riders attending from our most westerly point, far North Queensland and Margaret Peart from Tasmania! This is what it's all about, fellowship and long distance riding :D

For riders still returning, ride safe and savour the journey.

Wishing Bill a speedy recovery and all the best to all that had some form of mishap during the weekend.

Until next time, ride safe and enjoy the journey
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It was another great weekend and thanks to the crew who did all the organisation, the venue, etc. Another top job.
The weather forecast in Melbourne for Sunday was pretty wild and miserable and I was prepared for a wet run home.
I managed to get home Sunday at lunchtime having had a completely dry run and 5 minutes later the rain started and didn't stop for 6 hours.


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....We met up with William & Philmor at Sea Lake then with William again at Calder park where we had a coffee . No coffee with Philmor as he was still coming o_O and still is :p
Yes, I did make it home, at 17:30 Sunday, a bit over 30 mins behind Fatman & LTP on the road. :D

My 800 km flight path took me straight down the Calder Hwy battling the strong winds & through Melbourne. The steady rain started 300 kms from home. I needed 4 fuel stops on the way but I enjoyed the “once only” challenge of the Yamaha XVS 650. It certainly tested my soft iron butt. :eek:

Thanks to TJ, Skidoo and all involved in organising the event, a most enjoyable Muster. :)

Now, where is my RT? :confused:


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Got home today after an overnight stop in Goulburn waiting for a new tyre. I got a flat tyre in the pouring rain just north of Yass but my repair plugs were a bit small for the hole. Well done to everyone involved in organising the Muster. It was a top event.


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Knave, a roll of gaffer tape and a bottle of 'green slime' may have helped. That would have been quite a deflating pucker moment experience. Glad you got home OK mate!


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My Sunday was strong headwinds and alternating sunshine and rain due south to Mt Gambier for the night.
Monday I headed along the coast - still very windy but dry and cold.
However the GOR was littered with debris everywhere through the forested areas, with evidence of many large trees removed from having fallen across the road. It was probably closed on Sunday.
It made for slippery and sometimes treacherous riding.
Thanks to TJ and Karl for a great event and all your hard work. Also Lynne for your organizational skills.
Great to spend time in company of all the other riders.
Looking forward to next year already.


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I rode up the Hume there in the cold rain yesterday and didn't see the bit of shrapnel you hit. It think I would have, to make a hole that big in your PR4.
Mind you, you were due for a replacement by the look of the centre tread.

Following our dinner conversation about tyre mileage, now I can see why you don't get as many kays as I do! :rolleyes:


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I'd like to ad my thanks to all involved, organisers (Official and Lynn ;)), speakers , MC etc.

Margaret and I left lateish (1030?) and zig zagged down via Loxton, Pinnaroo, Patchewollock , Brim and Sheep Hills to have a look at the painted silo's. Margaret camped at Minyip while I motelled it in Horsham. Only near drama was a good sizes dust storm that blew past us while stopped. V little rain

First service on Monday morning and home in the remnants of the wind via Kyabram to see the old man.

Collarbone held up better than expected, in fact my backside is sorer (almost) than it - need o sort out the Tiger's seat.

April 7th 2018 booked in.




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I arrived home back in Townsville last night at 9 PM.

What a great time .... I am only sad that I couldn't keep my eyes open as halfway through Froggs presentation my eyes just went .... NOPE!

Thank you so very much to all the organisers and helpers! You make such an awesome team!

I went home via the Hay plains and got swept up in the amazing dust storm! Visibility was done to 20 - 30 meters at some stages. When I figure out how to post pictures Ill put some up.


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Pretty sure I spotted Margret'bike parked at the town servo in WestWyalong Sunday afternoon. She must have had another go at that dust storm as it was on the rise as you both found in those early hours.
Very surreal as it just sat for a good few hours just a few hundred meters south of the Sturt having blown from the Sunset country and points south virtually all Saturday night.
When I did actually hit the thing it was over and done with in a few K's. Clearly the tip of the iceberg as I stopped for a walk at Paringi past Monak and could only be happy I was moving away from the thing and wondered how others had be dealing with the dust.
Hi Team, Disappointed I could not make it this year hoping next year will be more favourable. I have really enjoyed catching up with the happening on the forum. Can some one post a few photos. Love to see some of the bikes and people made the journey.
Looking forward to next year.
Just to let everyone know I sent the following email to Renmark Hotel on behalf of IBA Australia:

Dear Marilena,

I just wanted to drop you a message to say thank you for all of your assistance in making our meeting run smoothly.
It was an absolute pleasure in dealing with you, nothing seemed to be a problem.
Could you please thank all of the staff that assisted on the day, the girls that assisted within the conference room as well as the girls at reception.
On behalf of IBA Australia thank you to everyone involved.

Kind Regards
Lynne Morris

And the following Response was received:

Hi Lynne,

Thank you I will let my staff know.
We enjoyed looking after your group they were all lovely people.

Kind Regards

Marilena Scidone
Functions Manager
Renmark Hotel Motel

So a BIG Thank you to everyone who attended to make this a memorable day/night, without you all it wouldn't happen :)