Requesting to process my application submitted 5 years ago.

I'm Karthik Srinivasan from Tamilnadu, India. I've completed my IBA SS1600K challenge on 06-08-2015 and submitted the completed documentation on 17-08-2015.It's been more than 5 years now. Still, I haven't heard from you anything regarding the certification, except acknowledgement. whenever I send e-mail, I only get an auto-generated reply. But here in India, people who completed their attempt years after mine, have got their ride approved. There's no news about mine.
i'm fed up of contacting IBA India facebook page also. repeatedly they are saying same thing for years and now-a-days they stopped replying me. The order of processing is baffling. I humbly request you to check the status of my ride & update me. atleast, if it's rejected, i can attempt it again. i've done a sincere hard work to complete it. I don't want my effort to go in vain. please help me sir. this is my last resort.

Ps: The documentation was submitted from my email id - [email protected]
ph: +91 9566446960

Thank you.


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@Ira to the white courtesy phone please.

Mr Srinivasan, I can understand your frustration. International submissions to the IBA are a difficult process and nothing is certain when it comes to delivery, from you, or back to you. I do see no listing for you in the IBA rides list at this time, supporting your lack of response. If you submitted payment for your ride certificate, was that payment ever processed? Generally, that is the first indication that the ride was verified. To verify a ride in India, from the United States, presents some challenges.

I admire your strength of will to complete the SS1600K challenge in your country. Having spent a small amount of time there in 2014, I have some small understanding of the country. I hope that your ride can be found and verified. I have brought this to Ira's attention, and hopefully he will be able to discover why your ride has not been processed. There were some difficulties with rides submissions from India at some point in the past, with false submissions. Hopefully your ride was not accidentally removed from the system at that time.
Thank you Sir. No i haven't made any payment, as i didn't receive any email from iron butt association, except acknowledgements.
Even if it's removed, I'm ready to submit it again.
I'm ready to extend my sincere cooperation.