Ride Around Texas attempt

I am planning the Ride Around Texas ride in early November. Am interested in knowing the exact gas stations that riders who have successfully done this ride have stopped at, at the mandatory stop locations. I am trying to avoid a situation where I make a stop at a gas station in one of the mandatory stop locations and the receipt does not have that town name (sometimes the receipt will have the name of the suburb).

Would it be too shameless to ask one of you to share a ride log/gpx file that shows the exact gas stops in the mandatory stop points????


CVO James

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Ani, google hardtxrider.com. You will find all the info you will need about the RAT. Might have to look at a few pages or blogs but you will find a .gpx file with all the stops.
Did you complete this ride? If so, how was it?
I chose to postpone the ride to spring. It’s been a crazy hectic couple of months….been constantly tired. So decided to listen to my body and attempt the 3200+ mile ride when I am more relaxed/ready.

Russ Black

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Sorry to here that. I've been planning this ride since 2016 and finally did it between Nov 10-12. got a late start and I went counter clockwise starting/ending in Galveston. I missed earning the gold by 1 hr, 1 min & 12 seconds. I had to stop between Texarkana and Paris because the weather made the road conditions very unsafe. The winds across North Texas and in the Panhandle were very strong causing my fuel mileage to suffer and blow one of the side covers off the bike somewhere near Harrold, TX. They should close the road between Orla and US 62. It was nothing but road construction with lots of one lane sections controlled by those unmanned traffic lights. I only progressed about 35 mph through there. My rear tire developed a bubble near Del Rio late in the day but I was able to get one from a local Mom and Pop store (T&T Cycles) and they stayed late to get me back one the road. Other than that, I had fun.

Don't worry about finding exact gas stations to get your DBR. I only had one pump that was out of paper that required me to go inside. I had to use the facilities anyway so that wasn't a problem. Fuel first, mother nature second, makes for happy DBR gathering. Good luck when you do attempt this ride.