Ride to Eat NR 3 2022 Trollstiegen Norway June 25

I will be joining, and have emailed the hotel. Please add me to the list. This will be my first Ride to Eat since the Millau Viaduct R2E about 10 years ago. I took a hiatus from riding, but am now back on a bike. I'm planning to continue my ride north to Nordapp along the coast and then back down through Sweden before heading back to the UK.
See you all in Norway,
Robert Westling

Michiel Buitenwerf

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To all,
The road at Trollstiegen has been damaged due to a snow avalanche. In any case, the cafe near the tourist center is badly damaged.
The condition of the road only becomes clear when all the snow has been cleared. The road is expected to be passable in a few weeks. So for now I also say that we just let the R2E ride continue to the trolls of Trollstiegen

Michiel Buitenwerf

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Update about the Trollstigen road (after the snow avalanche)

I have just received an update from the hotel about the road:
"Road 63 Trollstigen is most likely open when you are here.
They are fixing the road now and they said it will be open in beginning of June."

So no worries
Cafe is closed, but the road is open and we have a location for the photo
Hallo Michiel,

wir sind ab nächste Woche auf großer NORWEGEN-Tour, zunächst im Westen und dann weiter bis zur russischen Grenze Jakobselv.
Wir haben 2 Doppelzimmer im Grand Hotel Andalsnes gebucht und möchten sowohl an den Trollstigen als auch beim Abendessen dabei sein und haben bereits 2 Doppelzimmer im Grand Hotel Andalsnes gebucht.
Du kannst uns also auf die LISTE setzen:
Unsere Freunde Reinhold und Birgit, meine Lebensgefährtin Andrea und meine Wenigkeit.

Grüße vom Niederrhein