Ride to Eat Nr 5 Cuneo,Italy oct 31,2020

michiel kerkhof

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We meet at statue on Piazza Tancredi Galimberto coordsN 44 23.0 E 7 32 52.7 at 16.00 sharo.We stay in Cristal Hotel Via Della Magnina 3/A Loc Madonna Dell'Olmo 12100 Cuneo Italy coords N 44 23 17.8 E 7 32 44.4...you can book rooms tru [email protected] Att Michele/Giorgia/Gabriella under reference IBA/Kerkhof group.
Bar opens at 18.00 dinner as of 19....maybe 19.30 is the earliest we can start......attendants pls book early....the restaurant is normally closed in weekend but will stay open for us providing we are minimum 25.....
Again tried to enter the route I rode in the neighbourhood but wont copy onto website as too large(Never had this problem in the past...wont work on main comp nor on laptop....anyways road starts in Cuneo Follow E74 south goes into D 6204 - D 2204 into La Trenite(direction Nice)Nice views and curves.....pic of statue same problem......I hate computers!!

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1 Michiel Kerkhof
2 Michiel Buitenwerf
3 Gordon Sears
4 Jonathan Baker
5 FazerPhil
6 Gerd Heinzmann
7 Marc van Heelsbergen
8/9 Peter Ihlo & Conny
10 Colin
11 Wilfried Weyers
12 Mr Frank
13 Gerhard M Krueger
14 Kim Leeson
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hi Michiel,
Count me in

And have a merry Christmas, a good year end and I will see you in the new year! Vaals it is.

Warm regards from rainy Holland

Below the statue of count Giuseppe, in the middle of Piazza Tancredi Galimberto

Giuseppe Barbaroux.jpg