Routenplaner und Navi-Apps

Rainer Killian

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Hallo ihr,
möchte die Phase der aktuellen Einschränkungen nutzen, um eine Auflistung von Software hier zu erstellen.
Neben Base Camp gibt es ja eine ganze Reihe von Programmen und ich Frage euch: welchen Routenplaner nutzt ihr und wie sind eure Erfahrungen insbesondere auf die Anforderungen als "IBA-Rider"?
Und wer nutzt eine Navi App und kann davon berichten?
Vielleicht kommen wir so mal auf eine spannende Auflistung...
Also, legt los mit Beiträgen!!


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I have used MyRouteApp ( since it started and very happy with this program.
Only missing feature is working with coordinates, MRA doesn't support that, but all other features make it far easier to use than BC.

For planning rides (IBA, weekend or holidays) I use the website and for riding and tracking the separate navigation app.
You can easily switch between Here (Garmin), TomTom and Google maps, and also view the Michelin, OSM or satellite and street-view maps.
Exporting a GPX for other devices is easy, for importing into Garmin you still need BC though.

Not cheap to buy now, but worth the money I think!

Sorry, writing in German is a bit too difficult for me. :rolleyes:


12 Days? 12Days!
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....for importing into Garmin you still need BC though....
BC is not necsessary to bring a route or POI to a Garmin device.

When Garmin sends data to a device like ZUMO660 it takes the values out of BC and stores them in a file called TEMP.GPX in the Folder GPX.
Then the device imports the data (Routes, POI) out of this file. This behavior is also the reason why you always get the information from the last transfer (if you send two times in a sequens something to your device).

So use same method:
- connect the device
- search the GPX folder
- store your GPX File as "temp.gpx"
- restart the device

BUT: You also can name your GPX file with an other name - you can also import the routes out of this file. Benefit: You can import them multiple times - which is a plus if you have to reset your device....


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BC is not necsessary to bring a route or POI to a Garmin device.
Completely true, there is even an "Export" button in MRA where you can directly send a GPX 1.1 to a connected Garmin, like the BMW Nav.
Forgot all about this function... :oops:

On the device you then have to convert the GPX Track to a route in the trip planner, which takes some time, but it works.