Saturday 27th May at noon

So was I, by over an hour! The main road out of the village was closed because of a 'Police Incident'. That involved the best part of a ten mile detour in the wrong direction before I could even get going, then there were two accidents on the motorway. One with just long stop start queue, the other I sat there for twenty minutes until the police let us go. Mind you, the 20 bike drag race away from the scene was interesting!
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Diddly squat at Diddly Squat Farm Shop for the IBA except for queues round the tiny car park for reassuringly expensive farm shop fayre, no sausages for her indoors. Moving on and good food was had at Cotswold prices in the nearby deserted Tite Barn, table for 10 with plenty of banter under a shaded canopy. Homeward bound after collecting Donnington Castle bonus (BBT23 78) I stopped off at Sainsbury's (M4 J12) for some £1.36 per litre go go juice and a comfort break in the adjacent McDonald's which didn't end well. Riding round the car park, feet dangling as you do and I clipped a kerb with my booted foot. Didn't think to much of it at the time but this morning...

...I can barely walk on it :(

Ian M

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I enjoyed it – thanks very much. My first ever standalone RTE.

Traffic, virtual signalling low speed limits, roadworks, 40mph everywhere brigade, always a spoiler but that appears to be the norm
Diddly squat farm......Good description, the only good thing about that RTE was the pub down the road good food and company.
M25 south traffic was bloody awful from the A3 to the M40 then to Oxford as you go through the cutting at Perham down and get the view of the Oxfordshire country side brings back the 'Vicar of Dibley', too many 40 MPH limits for my liking.
P.S It was a good ride though:)
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