**SOLD** 12v motorcycle dash light with flexible arm $25

Paul Tong

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So, I bought two of these several years ago. Why did I buy two? Hell, I don't know. I have more spare junk lying around the garage that I'll never use but refuse to throw away.

Well, I just happened to have this item in a drawer in my bedroom. Why was it there? Stop asking stupid questions.

Anyhow, I had it's sister on my 2012 Goldwing which is now with it's 4th owner and I'm sure still working fine. Anyhow, I had it mounted on my farkle shelf and it was useful for looking at documents or maps or whatever at night, especially when you're in the middle of BFE nowhere and the light of the stars just ain't cutting it.

Stretched out, it is about 22" long. The positive and negative wires are not very long, so you'll need to tie it in to something close or add your own wires. It doesn't pull much juice, so you could probably add it to a GPS circuit.

This one, selling to you, is brand-spanking-new, stored in a cedar dresser in a climate controlled house. Like you couldn't preserve the Declaration of Independence better than this.

Even better? $25 to you, shipped. That's a freaking deal. Why? Because I think that's what I paid.

If you want it, email me at [email protected]. Don't PM me here, I won't see it. Or you can text me at (214) 250-1340.


-Paul Tong