Spotwalla Changes?

Unsure if this has been mentioned or not here yet but it appears that Spotwalla has switched from Google Maps to an OSM (Open Street Maps) derivative that doesn't show as much detail. Not sure of the main reason for the change, however, I have to believe that it's probably related to google now charging for this sort of access now...

Wonder if this lack of detail will affect IBA certs. (it's fairly easy to compare the data to an actual google map...just maybe slower though now...).



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Mentioned on FB a couple weeks ago...

There's also some conversation on the web forum for Spotwalla

Jason said:
There's no doubt that Google Maps has the most detail and advanced functionality. Should we ever get to the point where we have to start charging for SpotWalla, allowing users to choose their desired mapping flavor is a distinct possibility. Until then, we're going to strive to keep things free and simple.
I think I'd rather the fees be used to keep the servers on and the functionality in place - since 2011.