The First For 2016


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Got a large envelope in the mail today. A couple of certificates arrived for a couple of SS1600's I did a few weeks ago. The first was for one I did on Dec 27 ( I was too sick to go on 25th or 26th ! ) to break in the new Goldwing.

The second certificate was for the SS1600k I did on New Years Day.

Alarm went off at 22:30 New Years Eve as planned so I splashed a bit of cold water over the face got dressed and went to the servo for a start docket. Perfect timing, the time stamp was 00:01 01 January 2016. Even the servo attendant commented that I was the first customer for 2016, then he asked what the hell I was doing riding a bike at this hour. Left him with a bewildered look on his face after trying to explain what I was up to. I also noticed the wind had picked up quite a bit since I went to sleep earlier. Got thru suburbia and really started to notice the wind. It was a very strong and gusty cross wind ( good fun in the dark! ). I was beginning to wish I had a seatbelt to keep me from getting blown off the bike! The storm front followed me all the way to Dongara before easing up for the run to my first fuel stop at Geraldton. First goal achieved, Perth to Geraldton on one tank from the Goldwing.

Stopped for a bit to have a snack as well and recover from hanging onto the bike. Fairly uneventful run into Denham. The fuel light came on a bit earlier and I was debating whether or not to stop and top up with the 10 litres I had in the pannier. Decided I would keep going and see how far I could get out of the beast. Made it into Denham and refuelled. Dunno how accurate the reading from the bowser was, but I put in 24.59 Litres into a 25 Litre tank!!

Here is my new 'wing parked by the foreshore in Denham ( the number plate will go as soon as I get time !! )

At this stage of the ride it was a very pleasant 28deg. Nothing but the servo open, so I decided to head back to Overlander Roadhouse for a bite to eat. By the time I got there the temp was up to 36. Quick feed and drink, and on the road again. Billabong Roadhouse and the temp was going up thru 39deg. Yep, gunna be a warm one as predicted! By the time I got back to Northampton the temp was at 42. Stayed there to Geraldton and beyond. As I made the right hand turn onto the Brand Highway at Dongara the temp hit 43 and stayed there until just before Cataby Roadhouses. By the time I got back to Perth the temp had fallen to 35deg!

Got a couple a things figured out with the new bike after 2 SS1600's.
1: Hell of a lot more comfortable than the ST1300 was!
2: Better fuel economy than I expected, around 425k to a tank ( on vapour by then !! )

After getting the final fuel docket, straight home for a long cold shower! Stepped into the shower still wearing the LD Comfort undergarments!

Here is the certificate ( complete with errors! ) I started 1st of January 2016, not 2015!.

Plus I got the first one for 2016!!!!
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Great to see you're putting the new bike to good use. Well done.
Yep, Sure am!! Didn't buy it to sit in the driveway.:D
Just got back from FarRide West 29 ( did a BB2500k and just under 3000km for the weekend ), it has now got just over 8600km on it. It will be needing it's 12,000k service and some new boots before Parkes. :confused: