Toura’s Davo’s Memorial Ride 2010


Finally :
SS1600 : Thursday - 11 / 11 / 2010

We all have our reasons for doing an IBA ride, but I seemed to have more reasons NOT to. Now I had one.

I drew from the inspirational rides done by “Crappy”, “Ox”, “Bowie”, “Crackers”, ”Jeffer”, “Ghosty” ,“Drain”, as big rides with awesome results, but also from “Russ”, “Nico”, “Brodes” ,”RoadBandit” and the like, who had set themselves a task, stuck to it through thick and thin and achieved their own personal milestones. And of course...DAVO. Thank you all for your drive to achieve.

Since September last year, we have been busy organising the Memorial Plaque for Davo and the laying of it at Horrock’s, and as it turned out - ended up being my drive/inspiration/reason to finally get it done.



Wednesday night, the bike was packed – all the new farkles had been installed a week before and tested – maps in hand, GPS route set and I was off to bed at 8:30pm. My body wasn’t having any of it, so up again and finally to sleep at around 11:30pm. Up at 01:00am, showered, coffeed, and on the bike and ready to go at 02:00am. And the bike was heavier than normal, because on board I had the Plaque plus the drill, drillbits, batteries, epoxy etc. to lay the Plaque if the weather holds good.

Jul said that I looked a "little bit focussed" when I left in the drizzle : but a new challenge lay ahead.

After a quick “reality check”, I was out of home at 02:14 heading south. Between my driveway and Wagga – 445kms away, there is only ONE set of traffic lights – and at that hour of the morning, no one else around : guess who had to stop at them....... 2 minutes later I am on the Freeways ramping up the speed and looking forward to what laid ahead.

The first “leg” to Pheasants Nest was only short – 72kms – but I needed to add some drier and warmer layers on as the rain had increased, the wind had increased, but the temp had decreased. The next “leg” to Yass was much the same as the first, dark, cold, wet and windy : but somehow I was feeling relieved to be able to bank-up some time on the Freeways – with little to no traffic at all.
The HID’s, heated grips, Starcom, cruise and iPod made for a real pleasurable ride in these conditions. I left the service centre at Yass at 04:30 – still dark and wet – but back on the freeway for a bits yet.

Riding west now to Wagga, and the scenery started to change with the pending new dawn. I am always wary of this section because of wildlife, but for a first – did not see any at all. Well except for a farm cat scurrying off when I interrupted it’s walk across the road.

Just out of Wagga, the sun pierced through the clouds, not a spectacular sunrise – but it scared the rain away at least.


Into Wagga for fuel and a feed before 07:00, with some time to get off the bike, have a coffee and a smoke plus the opportunity to include in a bit of a walk around. Gotta love freeways for picking up your averages. Moving average to here : 111kph, overall : 105kph.

Just out of Wagga, the sun was now well and truly making it’s presence felt, with blue skies now to the horizon, good tunes on, cruise on , the sun on my back – just enjoying the realisation that I was now “on my way” and having a ball.

In as much, that I came across some tabledrains, that had obviously been overflowed by the recent downpours, and decided to have a break and get some piccies : it also gave me a chance to dump some clothing layers back in the kit and don some more appropriate gear for the climbing temps.

I must have encroached on “their space”, as these two pelicans swooped in over me on their way to enjoying their own “bush paradise”.

The Hay plains were next. This place still astounds me : the last time through it was a dry and barren place – this time the rain had been doing its job and it was green from horizon to horizon – a very pleasant change.

Into Hay for fuel and now, out with the cambelback and in with two litres of water. On the road by about 10:00. (How come water is dearer than fuel? $6.00 per litre vs $1.40 a litre).
With time and miles banked away a little bit, I came across an Iron Butt Hilton in the middle of Bumfluff Central and decided to take a break and just take in the vastness of the plains – this sure ain’t Sydney!

My latest Farkle : bug splatter –

I had set myself a goal of trying to maintain a moving average of 85kph for the whole trip, and I then noticed she was dropping down from the 100kph average I was already able to maintain so I headed off again towards Mildura.

Damn – found some trees!

Some wide loads :

Some long loads :

Then back to some more of the same :

Yanga passed by, then Balranald. Robinvale, Gol Gol did the same then we arrived at Mildura for lunch at around 12:35. Fueled up, fed and watered (and dewatered), I was back into it at 13:30 heading for Renmark – crossing two state borders in quick succession :

As per normal, was stopped at the fruit-fly check and asked for any fruits etc..... nup! Ain’t got none.....but I did stop to refill the cambelback. I asked the girl at the gate the temperature and she said it was a “pleasant 40 degrees”.


Onto Blanchetown for some more fuel / food and water and docketed out at 15:43 (SA T).

From here on into Gawler, it was all new territory for me having bypassed the town previously, it was going to give me a “little bit” of stress. The Garmin 550 had been quite successful so far in getting me around different spots, but the latest update of the software didn’t include the new freeway/bypass at the south end of Gawler. It got confused and ended up sending me in a direction that seemed a bit “odd”. I was used to having the sun overhead and to the front of me just prior to town, but now she was behind me and almost going around to my left shoulder – I was heading south!! I then pulled off the freeway and found a backstreet for the GPS to lock into – it then took me back over the freeway and almost into town – again. I then pulled off and just headed towards a westerly direction and then came upon Two Wells Road – now that jogged my memory so I followed it to the end.

The A1 finally : headed north towards PA and then noticed a sign saying “Snowtown” – this perked my interest, so I went and had a look for the now infamous Bank Vault! – Found it – nothing much : except it’s a great rallying point for the locals to share some drinks at the pub across the road and yell abuse at you. Found something “BIG” though :

So, some more fuel and water and back into it again.

Just as I was leaving Snowtown, I got a call from Jul saying she was a “bit concerned” that I was still on the road and it was getting dark (in Sydney). After some reassuring words, I thought it best to hightail it as best I could to PA and get this thing done.

The final docket was rendered at 20:36 local time with 1,664kms under my belt – BUT, I wanted a significant signature to sign me off.

Nico had done his first IBA ride up to Nambucca last year and suffered that accident. I thought that was a pretty tough call in any circumstances : anyway, Nico had organised to come across a day early to give me a hand to organise the laying of the Plaque etc. so I asked if he could do me the honour to sign off on my ride : which he did at 20:40 local time and 1,666 kms documented. OA : 85kph.

No dancing girls, no brass bands – just a mate to sign me off and a comfy bed. Thanks Mark.
The obligatory phone calls home and a hot cup of coffee. Doesn’t get much better eh!

She is done and dusted – Finally.

Was it hard – not really : just a full days riding.
Was it tough – YEP! Physically and mentally – and I had NEVER done it before.

A BIG thanks go out to Jul and my family, especially for allowing me to chase after the pleasure of riding in this great country and spending time away from home : and to all and sundry on our forum – you have all played a part.

And to DAVO – thanks mate for your legacy : it was fun. Let’s do it again sometime.

IBA 49588

Davo Memorial Rides
2009,10,12,13 - SS1600
2011 - SS2000

Forever Riding Proudly with "DAVO" FarRider #1


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It is so good to read this one again, from our mate Pat.
I remember that night, and I have never seen Pat so happy having achieved what was to become a regular thing for us for the next few years.
Pat and I have done all these rides as Davo Memorial Rides since, except for the last two years.
Now I still do them for as memorial for Davo, and now also as a tribute to Pat and his persistence to get the plaque installed and the Memorial ride acknowledged.
This is the stuff that makes the long rides and meeting up with mates so good.
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I really enjoyed the read! I have only attended the last three to Wilmington and from my experience when you attend rides Nico the 'red' flows far too freely :D


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That was great read. Well ridden and well written by Pat. And some great photos along the way.
Memories are all that we have in the long run ...........


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By pure coincidence, I had the paperwork for this ride in my hand today when I read this thread. Pat signed my end witness form. Unfortunately I couldn't submit it because it was a couple of kays short. Still got the memories though.


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Pat's first IBA ride, he was so chuffed and yes, meant a great deal for Pat.
From memory the only IBA rides he ever did were the Memorial rides.
Thanks for putting his RR here TJ.


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Great RR ...

Thanks TJ ....

Having been to a couple of Memorial rides it nice to read the report from 2010 that Pat rode