Trying to find home


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Trying to find home? Hahaha.
You know where you live, you just seem to prefer to go riding!
From wherever you are.... ;) it's all downhill (read 'south') from here!


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I'll be watching and riding alongside with the virtual bike ...

Have a wonderful time and I know you'll be supplying some great Photo's .... :)


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Just be sure to keep that lovely lady tucked in on the pillion seat and you'll find home eventually!
Safe travels and look forward to catching up in Parkes next week (that's on the way home isn't it?) :D


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Cooktown to Emerald travelling well.
Why are you going home though it's freezing .................... turn around. :)
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Thanks for all your comments everyone. A.couple of cows was all we saw up till here at Roma. Ltp was willing to keep going but I had hit the wall so to speak about 50km back. It is a really hard ride starting with some great roads up north but at the same time very demanding until your clear the traffic around Townsville. And the very low temps didn't help me either. Always next time.


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Fatman and Lynne the Pillion, you would have had a nice change of scenery up that way I imagine.

Has the required distance for the East Coast 50CC Gold (Cooktown to Warrnambool) been 'set' yet?


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That's bad luck guys, it's a demanding ride in good conditions.

Peter, the approved route (ride approved and just waiting for it to be uploaded with rules) has either Cooktown or Warrnambool as the start/finish locations with weigh points to include: Roma, Toowoomba, Tamworth and Wagga Wagga.


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Well done Mick & Lynne - good decision making.
Mid winter for this one? Tough!
Glad you are both okay. See you at Parkes.


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Peter, the approved route ........ include: Roma, Toowoomba, Tamworth and Wagga Wagga.
Oh, weird. Interim locations rather than distance? I guess forcing riders to hit those waypoints creates a minimum distance, so two birds with one stone I guess. Thanks for the clarification Karl.

I had thought perhaps a Warrnambool - Bourke - Longreach - Normanton - Cooktown inland 4000km 50CC ride may have been a way to get me out of my QLD roads avoidance. Still, that's an option to fill a couple of days on the road, even if it doesn't count for a 50CC. And I haven't looked into overnight fuel in western QLD for a while, so maybe my thumbnail plan is not possible anyway.