Martin Little

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Back home, back to reality and back to work.
A ride report of my trials and tribulations is in the future but thought I would share my favourite part of the rally as I finally made it to the the IBA memorial in Gerlach NV.
A spectacular ride in to a very special place.
Welcome home Jeff,

Gerlach is a very special place, glad you got to visit there.

Looking forward to seeing your ride report!


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I certainly recognize that for those riders from Oz, it might be a bit of a trek....but for those that are here in North America, a pilgrimage to Gerlach should be sorta like going to Mecca.

As I posted elsewhere on this forum... https://forum.ironbutt.org/index.php?threads/gerlach-circle-of-honor-iba-memorial.3583/post-82631
For those from Oz - it would not be dissimilar to a trek to Mecca.
Great Circle Distance Sydney, AU - Mecca, KSA - 13236km
Great Circle Distance Sydney, AU - Gerlach, NV, USA - 12332km

Less than a certifiable IBA ride between them in terms of distance :)