What do you wear and how do you like it?


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Been through quite an assortment in the sixty years of roadwork. Currently for winter I wear an oversized Tourmaster Transition II coat in hi-viz, it allows plenty of room for layering when the temps below 0F, and I’ve noticed “ cagers giving me a bit more room than previously. My Aerostich Air-Vantage heated liner replaced the vest as running behind a small screen my arms are warmer. Am especially pleased with the inflatable bladder which gives slightly more wind resistance and holds the heating elements tighter to the body. AD1lightweight are the cats meow, totally waterproof and as tested on a previous pair very abrasion resistant. With their thick knee pads, over the calf “ Darn Tough”,(lifetime granted no questions asked), merino wool socks, and the accessory added waterproof boot pocket that simply pulls out the bottom of the leg opening in conjunction with my choice of base layers my lower half remains comfortable without electric heat. A pair of “Ken Phenix” modified snowmobile gloves give me way more hand heat than I’ve ever been able to use, 4 of 10 on the digital controller is good for many hours on the freeway at temps in the -20F range. That leaves my feet as my “Achilles heal”, and the “First Gear” heated socks have that well covered. These work better for me than heated insoles as they wrap the toes in heat not just the bottoms. Running mid controls I get a lot of wind movement over the top of the toes. When it warms up I change up to the “Alpinstars” textile and leather armored jacket, and higher heat I break out the “Joe Rocket “ mesh jacket. I now have two pair of Aerostich, one pair of “Lites” for warm weather and one pair of taller oversized for cold weather with proper layers underneath. An option for the lower body I have a pair of “Tourmaster Csliper” second generation, riding pants,(my gen1 gave me great service for near 20 years), added suspenders for lessened mid body constriction. The Gen II are waterproof, full leg zippers and armored hips and knees, absolute best $99.00 riding pants I’ve ever found.
For 12 years i have been a solid Aerostich roadcrafter classic one piece guy.
Under that is ld comfort longs. Boots have been bmw sourced. Gloves..i have a variety.
If i find its getting cold( thats an aussies version not a nth american one) i put gerbings heated gear on top of the ld comforts and if needed plug in socks and gloves.
Ive worn this combo all over the world, worn one stich out crashed hard enough to wreck one and am waiting on no.3 to arrive any day now