Wind across Kansas?

Planning a ride at end of Sept from Richmond, VA to Denver, CO, to include a BB1500 on the way out. Need to be back home 6 days later.

The last time I rode across Kansas I swore I'd never do that again - they wind was terrible! The simple route follows I-70 from Kansas City, past Fort Riley, Hays, etc, into Denver and shows about 1690 miles. If I divert northwest from KC past Lincoln, NE, across I-80 to Big Spring, and back down I-76 to Denver, the adder is 70 miles.

Is it worth the extra 70 miles to miss Kansas altogether? And is NE wind-free? Or should I just tough out the 400 miles leaning over?

Thanks, Stuart
I crossed Kansas twice about 3 weeks ago and the wind didn't seem too bad. Maybe I got lucky? I've heard Nebraska is pretty windy too. I'd ride across Kansas.
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I've had both, no wind and hundreds of miles of holding my bike on an angle to avoid being blown off the road! I've found the winds worse in spring than fall but I'm a small small size.


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It's always the windy season in Kansas and, to a lesser extent, Nebraska. So learn how to ride with the bike leaned over. But be aware that when going through small towns (like on US 50), the silos will block the wind momentarily, thus standing you straight up. A refreshing moment of excitement (if not paying attention) during hours of boredom. :-0

Also be sure that, if you ride across Kansas from east to west, you return by the same route to maintain even wear on your tire sidewalls. :)

When I rode my Buddy Holly Tribute 1000 from Lubbock, TX, to Clear Lake, IA, on July 5 (and back on July 6) the wind was reasonable enough that it didn't factor into my riding 'attitude' or planning. I guess it was a 'calm' couple of days.

Enjoy your ride.