Wombattle NSW SS1600K: Ride with Rob


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I recently rode the last 780k's or so with Rob MacPherson during his last leg of his amazing Trans Australia Insanity. I managed to wrap it up in an SS1600k and the certificate arrived in the mail today. The full ride report is at http://wombattler.com/i-wonder-if-rob-wants-to-come-for-a-ride/

It was my second SS1600K in 4 days riding with other IBA riders who were doing crazy things and my third on the KTM 1290 Super Adventure. Here's a pic of Rob at the end of his ride.



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Any excuse for a ride; love it. I get the impression that you'll do anything to get away from study, don't know why :)

As you're aware, it's fantastic and eases the pressure when other riders, 'just drop in' and ride along for a while. We all appreciate it and I find gives me pleasure sharing some of the other riders experience.

I love em hamburgers too but prefer their 'big breakfasts' :D

Was interesting to read about your LEd's and how they worked around the corners, anything that helps is certainly a bonus especially on unfamiliar roads.

It's funny how some drivers just need to pass riders, at least it passes the time on boring stretches.

Loved the read and lots of great info regarding time zones, fatigue etc as usual Craig, thanks for taking the time to write a fabulous report again mate!

Grey Gentry

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Nicely done Craig. About the white out...here's a quote from another forum: "If you don't ride like an idiot or don't intend to, then KTM don't make a bike for you."

I enjoyed your RR.