05-13, BMW R1200RT


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What really makes your bike complete for the ride?

I’ll start this list for my 2010 BMW R1200RT, and perhaps you would care to add a contribution.

I wouldn’t attempt any one of these LD rides without a few needed accessories orfarkles.

Lessen the shakes: Handlebar grip cushions,these are over hand grip cushions that absorb extra vibration and slip overyour conventional grip with just some soapy water.

Barback mounts: Moves your handlebars 3/4 inch up, and 1 inch back, it will save your back muscles, and keep your posture more upright.

Handlebar hand hoods just like these that you can see on ebay: MotorcycleScooter Bike Handlebar Grip Muffs Gloves Protection Mitts Hand Warmer; saves you from both sunburn and the frigid elements https://ebay.us/lM7M2m.

Seat padding: Air Hawk Seat Cushion. With or without a custom saddle, this will save your behind.

Bead Seats: my Bead Rider bead seats are ceramic, or if you’re on a budget, choose a Wooden Bead, used on and off with the above, depending on my comfort zone.

Support for those feet: Ilium Works Floor Boards, offer more square inch of support than any OEM foot peg.

Stretching yourself out: Highway Foot Pegs to save those knees.

Looking ahead: Additional Fog Lighting, PIAA 1100 Watt: mine are mounted Low- it doesn’t matter if it's High as long as vibration is at a minimum. ON/OFF switch mount according to your preference.

Water resistance: Cell phone case for my Iphone 6 that is water proof and a RAM ball mount on the handlebars that is easily accessible, I keep a WAZE alert and directions finder running constantly.

Garmin Nuvi 550- the type for motorcycles and has waterproof buttons, and option to Bluetooth connect to your helmet.

Engineering! Full Face Helmet like Schuberth C3 Flip Up, and matching SRC Wireless, Bluetooth communication system for your helmet to your smart phone. It will keep you in touch with the internet so you can listen to music, take a phone call, send a txt, and hear your turn by turn road directions from your chosen provider.

Back atcha: Lower Lumbar Support, or a Back Rest, anyone’s will do.

Speeding? Nothing against Uniden, Cobra or Escort, but I swear by my Adaptive TPX Radar detector with a Ram Ball Link mount for the dash board. It’s easy to drift above 9mph above the posted speed limit when you are in The Zone.

Accessory adapter expansion; consider a Fuse Panel, especially if you add a heated Vest or heated Jacketwith Pants to your clothing arsenal, and still have to worry about Fog Lights, Cell Phone Charger, Radar detector, Secondary Tail Lights, and running Heated Grips.

Crash Bars: Front and Rear: when fatigue sets in and you are about to dismount, or mount-up, you’ll be surprised how shifts in your chassis can get away from you in microsecond. It happens to the best of us! Better to save a lid case and brake/clutch handles from breaking off, than wonder how much duct tape it will take to fix them if they are busted during an accidental laydown or slow speed tip over.

Spare fuel container for 1 Liter minimum. I use a PRIMUS 1.5 LITER aluminum fuel bottle. Looking for a gas station 2:30 am at 60 miles of remaining travel, can quickly become 40 miles, 20 miles and finally 10 miles to a an empty tank, then bingo! It can happen a lot quicker than you think. Keep yourself out of trouble or having to call AAA for a roadside fuel emergency by carrying spare fuel.

Just my .02 cents!



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Thanks Mike!

Someone shot me a PM and said don’t forget the down time off the bike and recommended a flight pillow for a quick face down snooze or even a lightweight hammock that you can put up between two trees at a Rest Area in a snap!