100CCC - Jan 2019

Grey Gentry

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Martin had banked some time, so stopped and had a chat with the four of us. Reg and Michelle arrived at Renmark with Martin and Marls and I took over the escort duties. Marls dropped of at Mildura, and Euston for me. Only 37C out there today, but Martin did put his cool vest on.
From Renmark to Euston the GPS informed me of a 101 km/h moving average.
He's travelling well, doing regular exercises.


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A big well done Martin, a tough ride conquered with the heat throwing up its own challenges.. :)

Lynne the Pillion and I together with Hackle and Derrick met up with KiwiMartin at Balranald and rode across to Hay with him, great to witness a guy "on top of his game". Derrick kept riding with him for a while, Derrick can fill us in on that. LTP, me and Hackle went south back to Melb.

Edited to add pics

Derrick, Hackle and I waiting for KiwiMartin to arrive at Balranald. 38C so we looked for a bit of shade.

Martin with Derrick at Balranald servo

Is that a nail I see in your rear tyre KiwiMartin? Pressure is holding, leave it, DO NOT touch!

Another quick stop by Martin, still hitting his scheduled times even late into the ride

On the Hay Plains

Get your feet of Pillion Piglet's pegs... Wait till Rebecca sees that..o_O

Thumbs up, all good here in Martin's office

At Hay Sth Caltex servo, "which pump will I select?"

Time for Martin to make a move, around 700km to go but had time on his side
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