11th April - Whiteways, Bury Hill - CANCELLED


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Be aware chaps that if Whiteways comply with the government's request not to open we will need to bring packed lunches with us. I appreciate that many of you won't be highly-skilled in that area so I'm including a packed lunch 101 below:-

1 - get up, shit, shower, shave
2 - say to the lady of the house "please pack me a lunch dear"
3 - wait patiently, without huffing and blowing
4 - if you know how, make a thermos of tea/coffee otherwise ask the lady when she has a moment to do so
5 - deposit lunch & thermos in tank bag/top box
6 - ride to Whiteways

I will report on the status of Whiteways nearing the time.


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I'm 70 years old on the 9th. I will not be attending.
Since this started I have been social distancing. I now feel it's correct to stop riding for the near future. There will be plenty of time to ride later in the year.


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Hi Bob
Sorry I won't be able to make this one, my age and medication put me in the 'at risk' category.
Stay safe
Regards Bob