1500 mile xmas day dash


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On the ride home After the iron butt xmas party 2014, i decided i wanted to raise a bit mor money for charity, so decided to do bbg1500, on xmas day.
I then heard about a little 6 year old girl, who had been in hospital every christmas, who was actually out this year, so via facebook, i arranged for them to meet me at ferrybridge srvices, where i would dress as santa and surprise her.
So, I filled pig up at 23:59 hours christmas eve at shell garage, then set off, with 1500 miles to do, weather was cold but clear, apart from about 5 minutes of drizzle, but about 30 miles down the road, i became very unwell, but i decided to carry on, getting to gordano services( bristol)about 3:50 in the morning (270 miles).
But my illness was becoming worse, couldnt keep any fluid down. I really considered calling it off, as i had a headache and was becoming dehydrated, and still had 1200 odd miles to go.
Lay down by pig for 5 minutes, and started to feel better, so set off for folkestone, i got approx 10 miles before i was ill again, it was about 2 degrees and i was burning up with fever, but i rode on, feeling low.
Arrived at folkestone at 6:40 am, was still about 2 degs, id done about 460 miles in just under 7 hours, so was still just on track, but still not feeling good.
Had a warm up in services, then set off to ferrybridge services in pontefract, where some kids would be waiting to see santa on a bike, ( one of my motivations to keep going), but about 8:30 i pulled in, id had enough, still very ill, and still only just over 1/3 of the way through it.
I got on the phone to my friend marion, who really picked me back up, then i phoned my ex army mate andy who was going to be taking all the kids to ferrybridge, and told him id be there about 1030.
So i set off, still ill, but determined to at least give the kids the joy of seeing santa.
1032 (almost on time ) i pulled into ferrybridge, 696 miles done, filled up, got into santa gear, and rode over to the kids, who got very excited. Kacey the little girl got so excited she was running on the spot.
Gave them all presents, then had a photo taken (kids face in passing car made me chuckle)

Then just as about to ride off, kacey ran up and hugged my legs, which put a lump in my throat, and a bit of dust got in my eye. ;-)
Having seen the kids faces, and chatting with andy, i decided to carry on, temperature was good, roads quite clear, so headed back to folkestone, getting there at 14:10 hours, 930 miles completed, pig running perfectly, rider not quite as good.
Filled up, then back off to gordano services, arriving at 1650 hours 1123 miles done. Quick fill up, then back folkestone, ( got strange looks from the attendants) arriving at 1930, 1318 miles done, with just over 4 hours to do approx 200 miles, so i set off, up A1 heading to marions house in oakham, but first i needed to do some extra miles, so drove past the turning, and did another 30 miles, to grantham, filling up, then riding back to rutland, doing the last fill up in oakham at 22:57 hours, the bike mileage stating i had done 1522 miles in 22 hours and 58 minutes.
I then rode round to marions, where josh her eldest rode alongside me for last few miles.
I was feeling quite tired, but buzzing. And i managed to have a beer and cheese on toast, ( my favourite food)
I fell asleep about 3 am, and woke at 8 ish, and had a great day, then rode back to carlisle on saturday.
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