19th June Fremington Quay, Barnstaple EX31 2NH


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After the RTE we have been kindly invited back to my cousins, for tea and coffee at Brayford which is about 10 miles away.
She has a great amount of space at her home for us and you will be made welcome.
let me know if you will attend.

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Change of plan..., Camping Weekend beckons..!!

Please take me off the list for Fremington Quay and for the visit to Wully's cousin..

Catch you all another time, folks..!!


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I've been looking at the Valley of the Rocks hotel on satellite and street view but can't see any car park?
Looks to me as if we have to park some distance away in Cross Street public car park, where there are no dedicated motorcycle places, and will have to pay for the privilege. I must admit if I knew this beforehand I would have stayed elsewhere.
Is anyone else any the wiser?
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An hotel without a car park, I was curious. Looking on Google maps I can see an iron gated car park entrance between hotel and Cracker Barrel. The sign on the left post reads 'pre-booked reserved parking only please collect permit number from reception'

Maybe ring hotel and reserve space for mo'cycle.


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Thanks for that, John. I phoned the hotel and they told me that they no longer have a reservation service for the car park, and it's first come, first served. However, they have very limited spaces, so we may still end up in the public car park.


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Reply to an email I sent to Lynton Council re parking. Their website seems to be out of date.

Thank you for your email requesting Motorcycle parking information. Should you have to park in a car space, a ticket should be purchased. However in Bottom Meadow car park there are three allocated Motorcycle spaces just behind the toilets and some over near the pre-school, they are all clearly marked. These spaces are free for motorcycles.
Jo Collier
Lynton & Lynmouth Town Council
Tel: 01598 752384



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Great day out, great location by the sea and great company. Even good sunny weather for us say trippers. Not so good for the weekenders though!!!!!
Thanks for organising it Wully

First time I've ever had a cream tea in a box. Fantastic freshly baked scones and plenty of clotted cream. Tasted brilliant despite being in a box

Is the leak fixed? Can I come home now...

I remembered the flag.

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I'd like to echo Phil's sentiments. Thanks very much, Wully - what an idyllic setting for an RTE, and really good to see you again after all this time; glorious weather (once I made it off the motorway), good food, good company.