2010 BMW R1200RT for sale in central PA

2010 BMW R1200RT for sale in central PA. $6500.
I purchased a GSA in 2016 and find I haven't been riding my RT much. I am selling my 2010 R1200RT with 72,000 miles on it. It is set up for long distance riding and I have ridden it in several 24 hour Rallies and multiple certificate rides. It is well equipped with heated seats, heated grips, cruise etc. It originally had ESA but I replaced the shocks at about 50k with Yacugar shocks from the Beemer shop. The ESA on the originals was still working and they can be included in the sale. The tires are nearly new with about 1000 miles since they were replaced and a full service completed. I have added the following. Zumo 665 GPS with XM antenna, Bill Mayer Seat, Givi topcase with admore LED light kit, Hella FF-50 driving lights, accessory fusebox for lights and accessories, BMR products accessory shelf on dash. The bike is in excellent mechanical condition but has obviously been ridden. It has a small scuff on each cylinder head and each sidecase from being dropped once on each side in parking lots. I have attached a few photos but contact me if you would like more. This bike is ready to go and I wouldn't hesitate to head cross country on it right now.



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Somewhere deep inside me a little voice is saying "Hey that's not so bad ..." However I think my friends and wife would have a heart attack if I brought home an RT.

And if I showed up at the IBR next June on that rather than my Sporty I think the IBR staff would have one as well ... That almost makes it worth considering :)


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Consider it! Consider it!
Well it is one way to get my name in the daily reports without doing something incredibly stupid !

And my wife did ask me what I wanted for Christmas ...

Sorry JCS for going off topic on your for sale thread, it surely looks like a nice bike.
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